Weir Simplex


G & J Weir Limited, Cathcart, Glasgow, S4.

The Weir Direct-Acting Feed Pump for Land Installations. Working Instructions, Publication No.42/9, March 1953 Edition, supplied to and obtained from the now closed Beckton Gas Works, North Thames Gas Board.


Single cylinder, double acting vertical steam pump with positive acting valve gear.


The steam cylinder is cast iron, lagged with a non-conducting composition, covered with planished sheet steel except for the 3" and 4" diameter sizes. The pumping end is cast iron with a gunmetal liner and the columns between are mild steel.

The rod for pumps 4"x12" and under, is one piece of rolled navel brass. For pumps 5"x12" the rod is one piece of stainless steel. Pumps 6"x13" and larger the rod is in two pieces, with the piston rod of mild steel and the pumping rod of stainless steel, joined by a forged steel crosshead.

The valve seats and guards for pumps up to and including 4" diameter, are Kinghorn valves on gunmetal seats. For 5" and 6" pumps, the Weir patent flat-faced group valves and seats are of stainless steal. For 7" pumps and upwards, the Weir patent flat-faced group valves and seats are of stainless steel in gunmetal decks and guards.

There is one suction and two discharge branches.


The specifications for the 'standard' feed pump are shown below.

Normal Duty Maximum Duty
Gallons / hour
Double strokes
per minute
Gallons / hour
Double strokes
per minute
2"x3"x5" 270 32 340 40
3"x4"x6" 410 28 535 36
4"x6"x7" 660 21 810 26
4"x6"x12" 960 18 1205 22
5"x7"x12" 1450 17 1725 20
6"x8"13" 2000 14 2350 16
6"x8"x18" 2700 13 3350 16
7"x9"x21" 4000 13 4750 15
8"x10"x22" 5500 12 6350 14
9"x12"x24" 7200 12 8100 13
10"x13"x24" 9000 12 10000 13
11"x15"x24" 11250 11 12000 12
12"x17"x24" 13200 11 13800 12
12"x17"x28" 14700 11 15400 11
14"x20"x27" 16500 10 18100 11
14"x20"x32" 19600 10 21500 11


There is one Weir Simplex steam pump in the collection.

  • Simplex vertical 3x4x6, No.199888, 1947, Heybridge-Coaster

Simplex vertical 3x4x6, No.199888, 1947, Heybridge-Coaster

Size: 3" pumping cylinder, 4" steam cylinder with 6" stroke.

This pump was acquired from a collector in Essex, originated from a scrapped coaster vessel based in Heybridge Basin near Maldon.

It has since been fully restored, but unfortunately does not run very well on air as the cylinder consumes so much air. As a longer term project the insertion of a nylon cylinder liner to reduce air consumption may be a way forward?